Secure, robust, portable shelters: deployed in minutes for multiple uses

Extremis Technology designs and invents low cost folding shelter solutions

About Us

Extremis Technology is an industry accredited R&D engineering company based between Norwich and Cambridge in the UK. Extremis designs and invents low cost, folding, stormproof portable shelter solutions which are manufactured under license worldwide – for commercial and development use in global markets. We started trading at the end of 2013, when we received our first investment from the Low Carbon Innovation Fund. Since then we have been on a journey to full commercialisation – having established IP, built and tested prototype shelter models in the field and managed product deployments around the world with a growing family of licensees.

Our shelter range spawns from the same unique footprint and design. All of our shelters arrive to site in one piece and simply unfold to provide robust accommodation in minutes. No tools nor skilled labour are required.

All of our shelters last up to twelve years and may be refolded, moved and deployed elsewhere within their lifespan.

We operate a licensing model so that our products can be manufactured closer to where they are needed most. We continue to innovate, gathering data and solutions from our local experiences and customer needs.

Extremis Technology is a member of the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) and was awarded Commonwealth Export Champion status in June 2017.

One of the first families moving in to a HuSh™1 shelter in the Dominican Republic - Nov 2015. Our shelters withstood hurricane Matthew in 2016 and hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

All our shelters share a common ‘chassis’, using the same core principle of a fold-flat shelter

Why Choose Our Shelters

Stormproof - HuSh™1 to wind-speeds of circa 150mph, HuSh™2 to wind-speeds of 200mph

No separate parts, arrives to site in one piece. (Also available in kit form)

No foundations required, can be set straight to level ground

Local manufacture, creating economic stimulus

No tools or training necessary

Deploys in minutes

All our shelters are optionally available in kit form where logistic or infrastructure constraints prevent deployment from single piece

Refold, move & re-use: Can be refolded, moved and redeployed elsewhere

Lockable and wheelchair accessible door

Flexible, modular design to create larger spaces

Fully recyclable

  • Our trial deployment which took place over one weekend in 2015 meant that 6 families received new homes

    Case Studies

    Trial Deployment, Villa Hortensia, Dominican Republic

    Our trial deployment at Villa Hortensia which took place over one weekend in 2015 meant that 6 families received new homes. Simon was touched by the reaction to the shelter. One lady thanked him for giving her a house she could put all of her furniture in; another felt embarrassed because she didn’t really feel her things were good enough for the new surroundings. Other positive feedback included the solidity of the structure, the floor, the lockable door and the opening windows (an improvement which Simon made on the spot and which we have since adopted for all variants).

    Since leaving, we have received pictures of how our shelters have been customised, and positive news that they came through Hurricane Matthew unscathed in October 2016.

  • Utilising the innovative Velcro® hook and loop fastening system

    Case Studies

    Our R&D partnership with Velcro Companies

    We first came to the attention of Velcro Companies in 2015 through our shared membership of the EPSRC and since then the organisation has been supporting our efforts to produce shelters for tessellation. By joining our modular units, we can create larger spaces for medical, community or educational use. In 2016 Velcro Companies commissioned a HuSh™2 for research purposes and in December last year we delivered the shelter incorporating VELCRO® fasteners to their European offices in Barcelona.

  • Extremis has worked with Ebola experts to develop the MediHuSh™

    Case Studies

    Enthusiastic Support from the Frontline of Care

    Since presenting at the International Federation of the Red Cross in Berlin in March 2016, Extremis has worked with Ebola experts in developing our MediHuSh™ product.

    The MediHuSh™ provides robust shelter with a wipe-clean, hygienic interior and light sources which can’t be replicated in a tented environment.
    It can take several weeks to set up a treatment centre.

    The speed and simplicity of deployment of our shelters and the ability to fold and redeploy them quickly are considered significant plus points.

  • Expanding across new territories

    Case Studies

    Exhibition in Jaipur – September 2016

    Following a series of successful exhibitions and demonstrations across India, our Indian licensee has set up three factories in country to service demand.

  • Expanding across new territories

    Case Studies

    Factory Visits in Pakistan – February 2017

    Pakistan is the latest territory to join the Extremis family. We visited our licensee’s factory in Hattar whilst we were in country in February, to show technicians how our shelters work and to prepare for product demonstrations in Islamabad.

  • Our HuSh™1 unit withstood monsoon conditions here in Mumbai for a seven day trial™

    Case Studies

    Monsoon Endurance in Mumbai, India – June 2017

    “The summer monsoon is associated with heavy rainfall. It usually happens between April and September… Heavy summer monsoons can cause great damage. Residents of such urban areas as Mumbai, India, are used to the streets flooding with almost half a meter (1.5 feet) of water every summer.” –
    National Geographic Society.

    Our HuSh™1 demonstration shelter stood outside in Mumbai during days of monsoon rains this June and stayed dry throughout.

The ingenious design of our shelters means they are deployable in minutes

What We Do

Extremis Technology invents low cost, versatile shelter products for use anywhere. Our products are simple and easy to deploy to provide practical, flexible accommodation. We license our technology to overseas manufacturers who build, distribute and sell in territory. Our licensees help us innovate by bringing us customer feedback and fresh thinking from their markets.

Where We Operate

We manufacture in the UK and are licensed for manufacture in Nepal, India and Pakistan – expanding into territories across south east Asia and the Commonwealth. We are always looking for new licensees to join the Extremis family.

I am delighted to welcome such a high quality British engineering company into the 2017 Export Champion cohort. It is clear to see how Extremis Technology's market can continue to grow across the Commonwealth.

Meet the Management Team

Team Image

Jeremy Fraser

Rev. Jeremy Fraser is Area Dean of Newham and Parish Priest in Stratford including part of the Olympic Park. He is chair of a local youth charity and operates the local foodbank. Before being ordained, he had a career in business and politics and is the former Labour leader of Southwark Council. He is currently a board director at a PR agency

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Brian Smith

Brian joined Extremis in April 2016. He has held Board Director roles for a variety of UK companies over the last 25 years across manufacturing, telecommunications and aviation industries including MD of a £150 million Building Materials Group and most recently Chief Operating Officer of a PE backed technology start-up.

Team Image

Simon Allen

Simon is responsible for developing all the technical aspects of our products, managing R&D, sourcing suitable partners and suppliers, specifying materials and ensuring that our designs can be built and delivered by our partners around the world.

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Roy Newey

Roy Newey has had leadership roles in the private, public and voluntary sectors over the last 35 years. He opened his company in 15 countries around the world and undertook consultancy in 85 countries looking at poverty and public policy. He is currently supporting growth companies in the UK as chairman, non-exec or consultant. Roy has a real passion for driving company growth and is very aligned to the Extremis international markets

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Ying Wang

With a background of 15 years in Corporate Finance, Ying brings to the board experience in strategy, finance, corporate governance and M&A dialogues. For the past twelve years she has assisted Chinese companies in overseas acquisitions, and foreign companies expanding into China. She has extensive experience of expansion in to Asia particularly for engineering businesses.

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Robert Hadfield, MBE

Entrepreneur and activist awarded MBE for services to education (June 2015). Founder shareholder of property investment and management company, and founder president of Kally US LLC, St Paul, MN and Cincinnati, OH. Director of Lloyd’s insurer Nameco (1156) Ltd. Founder trustee of horticultural education charity Walworth Garden, London and formerly chair of governors of Crampton Primary School, Walworth, London. Founder trustee HAPPI Trust.

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Mark Aspinall

Mark is one of our two company founders and his role is aimed to support Julia’s drive for new business and investors. With 30 years’ experience in marketing and management, since 2010 Mark has focused on helping early stage businesses to identify market opportunities, develop their strategy and raise requisite finance.

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David Watson

David developed the original concept for our Hush™ shelters after seeing the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. While not involved in the business on a day-to-day basis, David continues to sit on the board and, most importantly, continues to generate new ideas to feed into the company’s development plans.

Team Image

Julia Glenn

Prior to joining Extremis Technology, Julia had 15 years’ experience running high value global projects for blue chip organisations, including Credit Suisse. With her experience of international business and negotiating at a senior level with major organisations, Julia is ideally placed to lead our search for investors and customers.

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