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We want to become the leading technology innovator in the field of low-cost housing for humanitarian, social, commercial and pastoral purposes.

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Our business plan is to grow Extremis by supporting the ‘localisation’ of responses to natural and man-made disasters. Localisation ensures that the majority of economic benefit remains with the local community whilst helping to build future economic recovery. Our licence model allows us to support this approach and, by retaining a low overhead base, our royalties remain affordable to local manufacturers. The multiplier effect of a growing number of Licencees will enable us to prove that we have a sustainable income model which will prove attractive to either a trade buyer or acquirers interested in licence models.


We operate an out-sourced manufacturing licence model where we find appropriate manufacturing businesses in our target territories and enter into a licence agreement. We charge an upfront payment for the licence to cover on-boarding costs and encourage the Licensee to start selling as soon as possible. We ensure that the economic stimulus generated by the manufacture and deployment of our HuSh™ products is retained in-country for the benefit of the displaced community. Our royalties are in a range that does not act as a disincentive for the smooth operation of the licence agreement or the maximum production of HuSh™ units.

The development of the local market is the responsibility of the Licensees who are proving to be very successful at identifying new market opportunities: India – Forestry Commission and religious pilgrims; Pakistan – reconstruction and tourism.


Our experience of growing sales with India and Pakistan is that, post-signing, there is a lead time as our Licensees develop their local supply chain and reach out to their early customers. We are constantly analysing this process to help their sales effort and identify ways to improve our own on-boarding process for new Licensees. We assign right to the whole suite of IP, design rights and trademarks to make it complex for any competitor to untangle the position and attempt to infringe those rights. We retain all right to innovations created in conjunction with licensees.


We believe that the best method of supporting low-income communities within the developing world is through ‘technology transfer’ using British technology to create employment and economic activity. Our technology is admirably suited to conditions in the developing world as our product is primarily constructed from wood and the engineering requirements can be taught to skilled artisans. We have already created employment in India through our Licensee manning their factories to manufacture the HuSh™ product for the Indian market. At the global level, we have reduced the environmental footprint to a minimum by the insistence on the use of sustainable materials, locally sourced, and local supply which reduces the carbon footprint of the supply chain.


Grant No. /Application No. Description Date of Grant
GB2520629 UK patent for the HuSh&™2 (hurricane shelter) 3 May 2017
GB2532368 UK patent for the HuSh™1 (deployable shelter) 15 August 2018
2014345759 Australian patent for the HuSh™2 (hurricane shelter) 11 January 2018
DO-41 US US Design Patent 12 June 2018
14801951.6 European Patent 9 January 2019
201627019452 India Patent Pending

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We use our funding to further our R&D, expand sales activity and increase the Extremis family of Licensees. This funding is EIS eligible.


Extremis is valued at £2.4m.


ETL has received investment of around £1m to date.


United Kingdom (HuSh™1 and 2), Europe (HuSh™2), US (HuSh™2), Australia (HuSh™2) and India (pending)


We operate an out-sourced manufacturing licence model where we find appropriate manufacturing businesses in our target territories to operate as Licensees.


Establish licence model over medium term and seek exit via trade sale.


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Office: 01953 859139

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