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HuSh™ in Winter Trials

HuSh Winter Testing

Weathering Test of the Shelter

Phase 1:

The unit was located outside on the 22nd December. Standard deployment methodology was employed, with the assistance of a four-man team and mechanical handling equipment. The current location of the shelter, with a lack of power and artificial lighting, affords us a replica environment for working with the structure, which is comparable with the most basic possible licensee set-up for manufacture.

Phase 2:

The primary aim of the weathering test is to monitor the long-term effect of British/European atmospheric conditions, by recording the difference the hot weather adaptations (mesh/louvre windows) make to the shelter when closed off for the winter and opened up during the summer. Issues which present in real-time can be worked through as they arise, and solutions found.

Phase 3: Outcomes to date

The shelter has been in place for 2 months and is showing that the basic design and engineering provide a habitable space, through what has been a very wet winter period.

It has shown that the shelter relies heavily on the ability of the internal airflow to keep the space dry and to reverse any issues created in a timber product caused by excessive moisture or humidity levels, with a need for closer study of the effects on the structure from continued long-term occupancy.

Monitoring has shown some aspects of design that can improve longevity through reduction of stress on materials, whilst also proving our ISO 90001 process of management.

The process of monitoring the structure and drawing from those observations will continue, giving us a real time/real world validation, as well as allowing the engineering function to test improvements, adaptations to the shelter and evidentiary data of the effect of long-term high moisture levels on the organic materials of the shelters construction.


Sebastián Smart, Executive Director, TECHO Charity UK

I’m writing to thank you and your team for all the effort that you have made to develop the Dominican Republic project, from the incredible design of the houses, the fundraising, the coordination with the DR team and the Valientes.

All this incredible work will come true in a couple of weeks. The good thing is that some of the poorest families in Latin America, those that are usually living without electricity, sewage and water, will work alongside Extremis and TECHO volunteers to have a new start, with a new house.

Just wanted to say thanks to all your team. You had been amazing!

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