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The Hush™1 is a portable fold-flat transitional shelter for use almost anywhere.

The HuSh™1 can be deployed from a single folding piece using unskilled labour without the need for any tools or additional parts. Each shelter can be unfolded and erected in just a few minutes allowing an entire community or workforce to benefit from solid and robust shelter provision.

The HuSh™1 is modular, so multiple units can be tessellated through our unique design to form larger spaces, such as child friendly play areas or clinics.

The shelter can be mounted onto seismic isolators to provide some protection in earthquake zones, supported by simple piling systems or, in the right conditions, with no foundations at all. In addition, the cladding material can be adapted to suit local climatic or cultural requirements, and there are opportunities to add further technologies for water capture or energy generation.

The HuSh™1 lasts up to twelve years – and in that time it may be refolded, moved and re-purposed elsewhere.


Features Doorway

Secure, wheelchair-accessible door

A lockable, wheelchair-accessible door giving security and a sense of ownership

Solid & Stable

The solidity, warmth and unrivalled stability of timber structure and floor.

Dividing Central Partition

A dividing central wall, giving the option of separate living and sleeping areas.

Windows and Louvres

Opening windows and mesh/louvres for airflow.

Insulation Optional

The option of insulation to help regulate the internal temperature.

No Foundations Required

The ability to set straight to level ground with no foundations.


The ability to fold and reposition during its 12-year lifespan.

Fully recyclable


Folded4.45m0.765m2.4mInternal = 19m2 / 204ft2 1200kg
StructureDouglas Fir Softwood
(Structural timbers graded CE Graded 16 and 24)
Outer SkinBirchwood / Phenolic / Marine Plywood
(British Standard 636-3, permanent outdoor rating)
MetalwareStainless Steel / BZP Steel / Galvanised Steel
Openings4 windows @ 0.68m2 | 1 or 2 door @ 1.871m2
VentilationLouvre window opening with bug mesh | Opening window casement with Perspex
Internal Spec9mm Plywood floor
Walls and ceiling unskinned
Snow Load1 ton/m2
ThermalU value = 0.11m2 deg C; R value = 0.05ºF/ft2 /BTU
Fire RatingIndex = 90; Rated Class 3n(Continuous use without ignition 212ºF. Contact with open flame not recommended)
Flash Point600ºF | 180 secs to reach flashover at 50kW/m2
Max Windspeed146mph
Hush1 Folded
Extruded Polystyrene or Double Foil Laminate insulation
Inner lining materials
Electrical lighting and outlets / Exterior connection to water supply
Kit form/quick release format

i In accordance with British Standards and Eurocode 5 for Design of Timber Structures.
ii Sphere project (IFRC) guidelines Handbook 3rd Edition 2005
iii Tested and certified in accordance with UK Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Orders 2005

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A secure, robust and versatile shelter


Engineered to withstand category 5 hurricane force winds

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