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Thanking you for your confidence – our investment rewards

We’re really pleased that so many investors are showing confidence in our business, and we’ve been looking into ways to say thank you.

Of course, every investment helps, and there are a number of milestone amounts that have added meaning attached to them.

For example, £2,000 means we can manufacture and ship a shelter to help a displaced family in need.

We’ve added a series of rewards to our Crowdcube pitch, allowing us to show our appreciation, and to get to know our investors better. So, as well as the return on investment that we’re aiming to achieve for you, when you invest with Extremis Technology, you’ll get more for your money.

Invest £10 and you’ll receive…

As well as a personal thank you both from the Extremis Technology leadership team and our deployment partner, TECHO, plus access to an online, customisable e-gift certificate, all of our investors will receive a twice yearly email update delivering timely news on our progress and a look ahead at exciting opportunities, initiatives and launches.

Invest £2,000 and you’ll receive…

To mark the fact that you’ve covered the manufacture and deployment of a shelter, we’ll arrange for a 3” x 1” plaque to be engraved with up to 50 characters to mark the fact that your investment has paid for a shelter. Your plaque will include your name or an inscription to a friend or relative.

Invest £10,000 and you’ll receive…

Free entry into our Thank You event prize draw. 10 lucky investors will win a place at our Exclusive Thank You event in Norfolk on Friday 31st July 2015.

Invest £30,000 and you’ll receive…

Free entry into our Dominican Republic deployment prize draw. We’d like to take one winning investor, accompanied by a member of our Board of Directors, on a trip to the Dominican Republic, to see our shelters being deployed, with TECHO, first hand.


Sebastián Smart, Executive Director, TECHO Charity UK

I’m writing to thank you and your team for all the effort that you have made to develop the Dominican Republic project, from the incredible design of the houses, the fundraising, the coordination with the DR team and the Valientes.

All this incredible work will come true in a couple of weeks. The good thing is that some of the poorest families in Latin America, those that are usually living without electricity, sewage and water, will work alongside Extremis and TECHO volunteers to have a new start, with a new house.

Just wanted to say thanks to all your team. You had been amazing!

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